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Eiman Habib, NNCP, RNCP,

FirstLine Therapy Certified

Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach,

Holistic Practitioner, Educator, Certified Sports Nutritionist, 

CanFitPro Member, Di.Hom

How it all began for me . . .

My journey with health care started from when I was about 5-years-old as I saw the health crisis my mother was enduring. She had gallbladder problems that would leave her passed out from pain, on the floor. Through nutrition, healthful food watching, and herbal supplements, she was able to alleviate her difficulties and avoid surgery within a relatively short period of time. My mother then continued to move forward maintaining a healthful environment for our family. She took charge of her own health, as well as the rest of my family. 

While young, I started learning about reflexology and using it. I started to learn and understand the way the body responded to proper care and nourishment -- how it was all interconnected. And when you knew what to do, relief was in sight! I have seen the results. I've lived the results. I can help you learn what you can do for yourself and others you care about. 
Our family doctor was also an innovative thinker. She looked at her patients integratively -- she was way ahead of her time! She used the best of all worlds -- nutrition, complementary care (even at a time when it was frowned upon), and medicine. You actually ended up getting well! When she moved away, and we had to find another doctor, I realized how spoiled I was with our first doctor. Doctors who don't listen, ignore what you express, and push their own agenda aren't helping me. Being told to just do what they say, without any explanation is also frustrating. Being given only 15 minutes in the assembly line of treatment, also isn't useful. Not being able to access my healthcare provider when I want adds to the stress. Also attacking every condition from the "worst case scenario" point of view is, well, scary. Not factoring in what I'm eating also didn't make sense. Pop a pill and out the door you go. HUH? It didn't make sense.

Finally, when my dad started to pursue his career in natural medicine healthcare -- I started learning things as well -- and it all started to make sense! It tied in with what I learned as a child from watching my mom's health crisis -- that what you ate affected how you feel. What you ate affected how you felt to the extent that it could create a chronic illness, which may require surgical intervention. By altering what she ate, taking supplements that supported her body's organ functions (namely her liver and gallbladder), and really being mindful about what she was going through, took her from passing out from the pain to having completely dissolved her gallbladder stones and being able to keep her gallbladder.

It's an A-HA! moment, when you really start to make the connection -- everything in health care has it's place, and it helps to start with the most gentle section of health care first -- our food.

It frustrated me even more when my friends and family were experiencing the same things that I had with other areas of the healthcare system. But it was amazing when through a few suggestions, they were able to turn their health care issues around and save themselves drastic, expensive, and painful medical procedures. When I would hear their voices happy with the change in the positive outcome they are experiencing -- and how much they appreciated the help and information -- it made me realize the joy I have in helping others understand how they can improve their well-being. I didn't want to just tell people what to do and take. I wanted them to understand why it would make a difference.

That is why I do what I do: I want you to know yourself, understand yourself, and understand why and how your choices will affect your journey on the road to health and wellness. For me, it is all about YOU -- all of you: emotional, mental, and physical. One part of our life affects the other. Your willingness to commit to change, one step at a time, is what is going to make all the difference in the world. Change can be difficult, but you aren't alone -- I'm here to give you the support.

I'm here to help you understand the road-map to the best of my ability. With all the new studies and research that comes out regularly -- I'm helping you filter through all of that. I'm here to help you along with your other healthcare practitioner. It all works together, not to the exclusion of the other.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to health and wellness!

Eiman Habib, NNCP, RNCP, FirstLine Therapy Certified

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